Salba Interview

Salba begyndte at skate seriøst i midten af halvfjerdserne og er nu selv i begyndelsen af halvtredserne. Han er sej nok til selfies og, men hader metalmusik. 


Billeder leveret af Salba 


Hi there Steve, how are you doing?

Doing well pretty healthy at the moment.


Could you introduce yourself for our younger readers?

My name is Salba. The 1st winner of a pool/bowl contest, 2 time Hester contest winner, love pools, pipes, parks and jamming guitar.



Your full name is Steven Jerry Alba. Shouldn´t your nickname be ´Sjalba´ instead of ´Salba´?

Tell that to the guys who made my boards.


Who do you skate with?

Lance Mountain a lot, Josh Borden, Omar Hassan and whoever is at Combi. Then the pool crew of Adam 12, Danny Duhboy, Lil Serna, Cholo from Scum, Bunk, Mike Perez, Physcho Mikeo and Steve Gabel.


Where do you usually skate?

Pools a lot, Upland Park, Fontana 2 Park, Combi, Vans hb, Omars new pool and Jeremiahs in Palm Springs.


How often do you skate?

As often as possible - 3-4 times a week.




What board size do you ride?

Salba Cruz Gonz graphic 8 7/7 wide by 32 3/4 long 15 wb/. 61/4 tail. 6,5 nose.


Have you ever done a kickflip?

Old school one. Never landed new one, even though I have flipped the board over.


What would make you learn one?



How would you describe the evolution of skateboarding from the mid-seventies until today?

Changing a lot. It was better in old days, but it´s better now too.


Salba spiller guitar


How are things going for your band ´PowerFlex 5´?

Always fun and writing new songs all the time.


What kind of music do you play?

Electric gumbo.


Is it true that you´re not that fond of metal music?

Yeah metal sucks .But for some reason I like Metallica, Motörhead and Slayer. I like them from skating.


Why the metal hate?

I hate long hair, hippies, and 70s arena rock, plus that´s why we got into punk. Long hair is out.


 Does it make an old pool rat like you happy to see that the younger generations have embraced the noble art of pool riding?

Yes – full circle!




How do you become a good pool skater?

By skating a lot of pools.


What´s the essence of skateboarding?

Rollercoaster sensation.


Salba fire hjul 


Do your younger brother Micke still skate?

Yeah a bit. It´s awesome.


You have some kids, right?

Two boys who both skate, cuz they are clued in to what is rad and cool.


Jesse Alba


Who are your sponsors?

Santa Cruz, Indy, Hurley, Vans, Prodesigned Pads, Spitfire Wheels, Fender Guitars and Oakley.


Can you still make a living out of skating?

A little bit.


What do you do besides skating to earn the butter for your bread?

Work production gigs.


What ever happened to Skatemaster Tate?

He is still around. I talk to him a lot.


What keeps you motivated to go skate after all those years?



How do you stay in shape for skating?

 Yoga, stretching, surfing, jogging and bike riding.


Salba Guitar Strand